TKBC – Kids B

An established design from Tomato Glasses. This round frame comes in a wide selection of colours carefully selected for young children. The temples have squares, triangles and circle patterns and there is a choice of two types of frame fronts. A solid frame front to provide color and a crystal frame front for a more delicate looking frame for young faces.
A frame for children aged approximately 2 years old to 8 years.

A light weight, comfortable, highly adjustable frame with unique nose pad to prevent slipping. Ear tips and nose pad can be adjusted to fit each baby or child. 

Frames come with:

2 x spare nose pads

1 x spare ear tips

1 x headband

Frames within the Kids B range are available in the following sizes

40×14, 42×15, 44×16, 46×17 (in certain colours)