Noah’s Ups and Downs

Noah’s Ups and Downs

  • 02 Apr 0

Noah’s Ups and Downs:

A journey of a gorgeous little boy with the fitting of new glasses.

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Tomato Glasses
While I was waiting for the call I never got from the optometrist I started doing my own online research about baby glasses. We knew we wanted plastic, adjustable frames, came with a nose pad, custom adjustable strap, and something that looked nice. And we found them. Introducing: Tomato Glasses!

Ever since we got these glasses, Noah has been able to see better, wears his glasses all the time, has no issue with fit and we have ordered extra pieces from the company who are wonderful and quick to work with. Not only do you get the glasses you order, but you get a great, hard case to keep them in along with extra screws, nose pads and a tool just for the tiny screws. And all of these items come in a fun, protective cylindrical plastic case each time.

These glasses are fully adjustable from the length of the frame, to the nose pad placement. They do have screws to keep the sides on, so..yeah…maybe it could be a chocking hazard if it fell apart but we haven’t had any problems with the quality of how the frames themselves are built so I am not worried about that at all. These glasses aren’t extra wide, which are actually perfect for Noah. Because these glasses are not a one piece of formed plastic material, the sides adjust perfectly to Noah’s face. And the strap in the back is also custom adjustable for fit.

I will say though, that we have had one nose pad piece break and the plastic sliding piece on the strap have broke once as well. But the company was very quick in getting us replacement parts and we haven’t had any problems since.

I highly recommend Tomato Glasses to anyone, especially for children that have Down syndrome. I can’t say enough about how wonderful these glasses are from how they fit to how Noahs development took off after he got them and was able to see so much better.

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